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Firewall sides and car show.

February 12th, 2012

Today was the NZ Classic Car show which I went along to with my friend Grant. Despite slight showers we went in the MG. Some interesting cars there. I was mainly interested in the vintage things to get ideas and more idea of what I am building. I was paying particular attention to the swaging […]


February 9th, 2012

Tonight I came home and hammered the swages. I was going to do it several nights ago but I lost my nerve and did some more tests. Tonight though I managed to get it done. The biggest problem was how to match up the two halves of the former. I nailed some blocks to a […]

Marking out.

February 6th, 2012

Yesterday (before a lovely turkey lunch thanks to my mum,  I marked out the firewall on the steel. I gave myself plenty of room for error which turned out to be lucky. I made the flanges quite large at 1 1/2 inches wide. I also gave myself a decent lip for where the bonnet rests. […]


February 4th, 2012

Another long weekend here (we get so many more holidays than Estonia!) so I am working on the car again having been distracted all week making small steam engines (that don’t work damn it!). I started work on the firewall finally.  Joss popped over last weekend to check up on me and he is keen […]

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