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Chassis complete!

July 27th, 2014

Today is my last day of freedom before staring my new job tomorrow. And today I finally got the chassis complete! I first attached my painted brake cable wheel covers so they are now in place. Then I finally filled the rear axle with oil. I am using Penriote Transoil 140 which is specially for […]

Brake cable keepers.

July 26th, 2014

After last night post Ian emailed me saying I might want something to restrain the brake cables in the case that they bounce about and jump off the rollers. I was wondering about that. Jumping up and down on the chassis showed no sign that the cables would move off the roller but that’s not […]

200th post!

July 25th, 2014

Today is my last week day of freedom before starting the new job next week. So I wanted to get lots done. Over the last few days I have finished the steering and the brakes and they all work apart from minor adjustments. The little front brake pulley needed repairing. It is aluminium and the […]

Boot wired.

July 22nd, 2014

Today Joss popped up and showed me how to wire the boot edge. It would be nice to explain how you wrap the aluminium around the wire by hammering it but really that’s pretty much all there is too it. You hammer it round the wire. Was too busy doing it to get pictures but […]

Boot edges.

July 21st, 2014

Today I finally did something I have been putting off for ages. I tidied up the split boot edges with some welding then filed it all smooth and trimmed it to the right size. I did some playing on scraps of aluminium and found I could weld right to the edge if I clamped a […]

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