More bits and pieces.

June 25th, 2014

Well, not too many. I have all the parts for my regulator now except for one of the diodes.

IMG_2026_1 IMG_2025_1

I went though the old RB106 units Joss gave me and picked the worst one. This one looks to have a burnt out cut-out coil so that’s the one I stripped. It also had a bad screw terminal which had cracked (so the screw was very loose) so I removed a terminal from another of the units and soldered it in place of the old one. It’s the A1 terminal and since in my regulator A and A1 are just linked together I was able to solder a solid brass link between them. Note that in a standard RB106 A and A1 are not the same thing!

I also removed the front end and steering column from the chassis and flipped the whole thing over. Can’t be too many cars where you can literally turn the car over without help! With the chassis upside down I have access to weld in the chassis boxing. Joss is cleaning his grey chassis which is in pretty good shape apart from a slight bend on one leg that should be fixable with a suitable boofing.

IMG_2047_1 IMG_2051_1

I also had to remove the handbrake lever so I took the chance to weld up the wear in the little ratchet (you get two grooves worn into it over time). A few spots of MIG (which works MUCH better now I replaced the terminals on the front) and a quick file/sand and it was good as new. I also painted the rest of the lever and ratchet mechanism. Unfortunately when vacuuming up I did manage to suck up the spring but my box of springs should offer up a replacement.


I also rang Taylors today and they are working on my block/head. Joss should finish cleaning up his chassis soon then we can go get the metal strips we need to do the boxing. The plan is weld them in then we’ll drill access/lightening holes. Everyone knows it’s drilling holes in the car that makes it a proper racer.

I also ordered some parts from the VAR spares. When they arrive I can finish assembling my dynamo which will be converted to two brush operation. I’ll make my regulator and then can test it out. I am thinking maybe I can clamp it into the lathe to spin it up to see if it works. Luckily the gear to fix the lathe arrived today (thankfully taking no where near as long as they indicated) so the lathe can be fixed now.

Unfortunately I am having to waste a lot of time with trying to find a new job! Retirement has been good but since I want to go to London for Christmas some way of paying for the (hideously expensive) airfare would be nice!

Hopefully soon the chassis boxing will be done, I can assemble the brake cross shaft, hook up the brake cables and then the body can be attached to the chassis for real! Then I can get the car back into it’s proper garage and move the MG back into the tin shed.


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