Wired edge.

June 30th, 2014

Today I did something I have been putting off for ages – wiring the edges of the boot opening. Joss explained to me what to do but I still needed a demonstration before I was game to tackle it myself.

First you need to work out how much of the edge you need to bring up to wrap fully around the wire. There seem to be many different formulas you can use but I just did it through trial and error. Joss thought it was about 17mm but when I tried that it was too much. So I tried 15, and it was too small. Then I tried 16 and it was just right.


I then had to actually work out the boot opening. It was just roughly cut out before so I drew some lines, stood back, erased the lines, drew more, stuck on some tape, pulled off the tape, looked at it some more and about 2 hours later had a line.

IMG_2100_5 IMG_2101_1

I cut that out then traced one side onto some cardboard so I could transfer it to the other side. With that cut out it looked OK from the top but all wrong from the side. So I had to cut even more out. Once that was done I cut out a new piece of cardboard but allowing extra around the edges to indicate how big the actual boot cover will be. It looks good I think. Suits the chunky curviness of the car.

IMG_2102_1 IMG_2103_1

The opening should easily be big enough to put the petrol tank into the boot through the opening (well, there is no other way now anyway!) and wide enough to easily get a crash helmet through.

Joss popped in and showed me how to do one corner. Basically it’s just hammer and dolly trying not to bring too much over at once. Of course the corners are tricky, especially on mine where the panel welds are right on the tightest curves. So of course the metal splits there. You’re having to stretch it a lot to get it around the wire. The first step is bring it around 90 degrees. I made a little dowel with a slot in it to mark the line to bend on (and to anneal to).

IMG_2105_1 IMG_2107_1

The first corner that Joss did is above. I then continued around. After he left. I can’t hammer metal when someone is watching me! I got to the last corner and had a massive split. Bah!

IMG_2109_1 IMG_2110_1 IMG_2111_1

So I had to flatten it out again, weld it up (which took bloody ages) then file it smooth again then re-bend it. It split again but not too far down. I noticed one of the other corners has split too so will need welding up.

IMG_2112_1 IMG_2113_1 IMG_2115_1

But it’s up 90 degrees. And I can file out the splitting. The wire is held all the way around so it there are a couple of spots where the aluminium isn’t wrapped 360 degrees around it won’t matter. Also this isn’t seen normally when the boot lid is strapped in place. Of course that will also need a wired edge but facing down so the lid will fit onto the wired up edge on the body. A bit of foam around the inner edge and a bloody great leather strap holding is down and it should be reasonably weather proof.

In theory I know how to bring it the rest of the way around but I’ll let Joss demonstrate first to get me started!

I didn’t go and get the bush I need for the dynamo yet. I think I will follow Ian’s advice and use a sintered bush. I think having that and filling the little oil passage up with oil will work fine. The oil should keep the bearing lubricated for quite some time I imagine. I’ll need to occasionally oil the distributor so I can oil the dynamo at the same time. A few drops is all it needs.





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