Boot edges.

July 21st, 2014

Today I finally did something I have been putting off for ages. I tidied up the split boot edges with some welding then filed it all smooth and trimmed it to the right size. I did some playing on scraps of aluminium and found I could weld right to the edge if I clamped a backing piece of copper behind the aluminium. Like when MIG welding the weld won’t stick to the copper. It also worked as a heatsink so the aluminium wouldn’t melt as fast and suddenly blow holes.


I then used marking blue around the edge and made a little scriber from a scrap of wood with a nail through it. I was able to use that to scribe the line I needed to trim to by running it over the body so the nail scratched the correct line on the lip.

IMG_2333_1 IMG_2332_1

I was then able to trim things then file and sand the edges smooth. I did find though that the corners weren’t long enough to give me the full 16 mms I need to fully wrap around the wire. These I trimmed back slightly shorter but with a smooth transition. There is still plenty to wrap around the wire to hold it in place. I then annealed the edge and it is now ready for wiring.


I still need to make the brake cable pulleys and fix the middle guide (the hole need bushing) but with the rear cables in place (although not fully adjusted) I was able to roll the car out and park it on the driveway with the handbrake stopping it from rolling away.

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