Boot wired.

July 22nd, 2014

Today Joss popped up and showed me how to wire the boot edge. It would be nice to explain how you wrap the aluminium around the wire by hammering it but really that’s pretty much all there is too it. You hammer it round the wire. Was too busy doing it to get pictures but you start by bending the wire to the approximate shape then clamping it in place. Sheet metal welding clamps worked well. Then you hammer enough of the flange over to hold the wire.


Then you use the tail end of a comma dolly to hold the wire in place against the fold as you bash the metal over it. Once the flange is 180 degrees or so around you can switch to a dolly underneath and bring the flange right over. As you hammer the metal around you shift the dolly around on the opposite side of the wire so you are always hammering against it with the wire in between.


Once it is mostly over we switched to a square faced panelbeating hammer. You can slide this flat across the body of the car to flatten down the last bit of the metal over the wire. This leaves lots of scratches on the surface but they are slight and sand out easily.


To get the last little bit really tight I made a tool. I went for a walk to one of the many $2 shops in Avondale and got myself some $8 wire cutters. They are obviously quality because 1), they cost more than $2 and 2), they came with some great packaging.


I ground the edges off a little so they wouldn’t cut and I used these going around the whole wire to squeeze the last little bit under.

IMG_2346_1 IMG_2352_1

I gave everything a quick sand with a random orbit. I will be sanding the whole body at some point before painting so I only did a quick little bit to see how it would come up and it looks pretty good.


I can’t believe how much difference it makes to how the body looks. Not sure that’s not just psychological though as it’s been in progress for so long and now I am seeing it more or less done. It also adds so much rigidity to the body.

After doing that I took the steering wedge off and gave that a few coats of paint as well as things like the brake pedal lever and the steering drop arm.

And tomorrow it’s off to see Ian and work out what to do next on the engine. I am also looking at getting from the UK a real Grasshopper type drive system (well, modern replica). That is the best way for me to drive the blower for when I want to supercharger the car. It is the proper Austin way to do it and will look a lot better.


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