Brake cable keepers.

July 26th, 2014

After last night post Ian emailed me saying I might want something to restrain the brake cables in the case that they bounce about and jump off the rollers. I was wondering about that. Jumping up and down on the chassis showed no sign that the cables would move off the roller but that’s not the same as driving it and real life bumps.

So today I made two little bracket things that fit over the wheel and will stop the cable jumping off the rollers. They are just bent 1.2mm steel. I was thinking I could make a little brass block to screw under the top as a cable guide but I really don’t think that’s needed. As these are if the cable does bounce up it can’t then fall off the roller as it’s fully restrained.

IMG_2381_1 IMG_2379_1

These just need painting then I can call the brakes done apart from adjustments. I can check the paint to see if it gets scratched and that will tell me if the cable ever does touch the brackets at all.


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