Chassis complete!

July 27th, 2014

Today is my last day of freedom before staring my new job tomorrow. And today I finally got the chassis complete!

I first attached my painted brake cable wheel covers so they are now in place. Then I finally filled the rear axle with oil. I am using Penriote Transoil 140 which is specially for vintage cars. The manuals all say the rear axle needs 7/8ths of a pint which is about 500mL but I think these days people say that’s too much and so recommend half a pint. That’s close to 300ml which is how much I put in. It’s actually a bit tricky getting it in there so I emptied my oil can of normal oil and used that to squirt in the axle oil.

IMG_2390_1 IMG_2389_1

Lots of squirts but eventually you get there!

I also went and found the special rear shock bolts. They are dome headed a bit like coach bolts (without the square) but with a small bump that fits into a slot on the shock arm to stop the bolt turning. These were completely worn away on mine so I added a decent blog of MIG weld then carefully filed it down with hand files and a little diamond grinder on the Dremel.

IMG_2391_1 IMG_2393_1

I was then able to finish bolting on the shock arms. It can be tricky pushing the bolts through the new rubber bushes so I used a clamp and a box spanner to pull them through.

IMG_2396_1 IMG_2397_1

So now the chassis is done except for filling the steering box with grease. I need to get a big syringe for that I think so I can squirt that in. Bob popped in and noticed a small amount of movement up and down on the steering shaft when turning the wheel. That was easy to fix by screwing in the brass collar thing one more notch.

So, after five months of practice retirement I now have a body and a complete chassis!


3 Responses to “Chassis complete!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Congrats. Thoroughly enjoying this build.

  2. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Superb achievement Simon. Your chassis looks beautiful. Probably better than when leaving the plant some, how much,77 years ago?
    Can’t wait to see it with a painted body AND running.
    Excellent job.

  3. Peter Stanners Says:

    Enjoying following this very much as my partner and I are building a 1933 box saloon from parts!
    Congrats on a fabulous job

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