Body on (temporarily).

August 5th, 2014

Joss popped in so we temporarily put the body on the chassis. First time since it’s all done. It looks good!

IMG_2427_1 IMG_2428_1

IMG_2429_1 IMG_2430_1

A couple of things I have noticed. The brake cables touch the body – just. You can adjust the body to centralise it but the cables just brush the skin. It’s not affecting the brakes at all but the body would get scratched. I can either try to tweak the body at that point (with a big hammer maybe) or sheath the cables in plastic so they don’t rub through the back of the aluminium eventually.


The other thing is the holes in the valence panels are no longer in the right place. They are 1/2 an inch too high in the panel. So if I try to screw them on as they are the panel is crooked. I am not sure yet exactly what’s happened there. The floor is in the right place. I can only think that the firewall has moved slightly now that the aluminium skin is on.


It’s not a big deal if I need to weld up and redrill the holes. I just want to be sure that’s the solution first.

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