Yes, I am slack.

September 14th, 2014

I know. But working again really buggers up car working. Not least because they seem to think we should work weekends. Last weekend though I said bugger that and Joss and I went for a nice drive 1.5 hours up north to visit Glenn, a thoroughly nice chap with a lot of interesting things. The weather was great so it was top down on the MG for a thoroughly great day.

Glenn (and his lovely wife who gave me some very interesting Lemonade fruit to try) have a nice house in the wop wops with a massive garage full (absolutely packed) with interesting stuff.

IMG_2545_1 IMG_2546_1 IMG_2547_1

IMG_2553_1 IMG_2555_1 IMG_2556_1

IMG_2548_1 IMG_2551_1 IMG_2552_1

Lathes and cars and parts all over the place. The big Harrison lathe could probably chuck and turn my entire mini lathe! The car top right is a PD tourer which will hopefully be restored soon.

The interior of the Porsche I found particularly interesting.

IMG_2542_1 IMG_2544_1 IMG_2534_1_1

Obviously though his interest is more in Austins and he has many interesting things there. Including a jig he has made to bend axles.

IMG_2557_1 IMG_2536_1 IMG_2558_1

That’s extremely handy to know. He uses oxy-LPG to heat the axle then a press type thing to carefully bend it based on stations marked on the base. Because the ends are held in place firmly the axle is stretched so the track doesn’t narrow.

IMG_2538_2 IMG_2539_2

And these remains are of great interest to me for a future project that will hopefully come about. I’ll post more on that later. These are original (with numbers) chummy remains. The floors need some work obviously(!) but the firewall is very intact and usable.

The other very, very important thing I got was a length of 5/16 high tensile rod to make my long studs from! That’s proved impossible to find in New Zealand. No one imports it. But I have enough now to make the two long studs I need.

Finally one interesting thing we pulled out of a pile was this old sign. Glenn was going to paint over it!


It was actually a sandwich board so we unscrewed the hinges and I got half and Joss took the other. Presumably it is from THE White Lady famous to anyone who has staggered around the bottom part of Auckland late after a nights drinking. Tons of overspray on it but that’s cleaned off it now and it will go on the garage wall. We have an agreement that if either of us wants to pass the sign on we’ll reassemble it again so it can go off whole again but I think it’ll be on my garage wall for years to come. Joss has his indoors but it suits his decor better. It doesn’t really go with my TARDIS/old railway table theme.

After a lot of time with Glenn we went home and dropped in on Ian on the way. His projects are coming along well.

IMG_2563_1 IMG_2564_1

We gave him a hand to get the engine back into the Nippy. The firewall looks much better now it’s been restored and painted. And Ian has done a mock assembly of another project he is going to work on for a very early car (all XL parts).

He also had a few interesting curios.

IMG_2565_1 IMG_2566_1 IMG_2567_1

That is apparently a genuine Ulster torque tube mount. And the fan is an interesting two part design.

Will go visit Ian again this afternoon. There is a club (North Shore branch) run today and a meetup at Ian’s to hopefully discuss some things of interest to us special builders.

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