Oil gallery plug.

October 5th, 2014

Today I machined up an aluminium plug to block the oil gallery. This is so I can reroute the oil through an external filter. The plug was machined from a little piece of aluminium bar Ian gave me. That was a tight fit and was hammered home into the crankcase. The side of the crankcase was drilled and tapped for a 1/4 bsf bolt which would lock the plug into place. Tapping was tricky since you can’t get a normal tap wrench into the space but I was able to go slowly with a small spanner and do it.

IMG_2668_1 IMG_2667_1

To really make sure it won’t move the locating bolts has a little of the thread on the end turned off to leave a small pip on the end of the bolt. This was 3/16ths in diameter. The block had a small dimple drilled in the side which I used to start the drill. By being extremely careful I was able to drill into the plug through the threaded hole (without damaging the tapped threads). The hole was of course 3/16ths too. With the bolt done up the little pip fits tightly into the hole and now the plug can’t move at all. Loctite on the bolt and a fibre washer should make it all oil tight (if any oil can squeeze around the plug which I doubt).

IMG_2669_1 IMG_2671_1

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