Random jobs.

October 12th, 2014

Just small jobs this weekend. The good news is a package of parts from David in the UK arrived. Lots of nuts and bolts and washers and gaskets.


I was able to replace the gasket on my steering box and with that, and some Loctite 515, it now doesn’t leak (I hope). It was a sunny day on Saturday so I was able to paint the back of the instrument panel white.


The white means it’s much easier if you’re working behind there when it’s in the car as everything is brighter and easier to see. Next I need to paint the front crackle black but I need a nice hot day for that (which today wasn’t).

I also looked at modifying the clutch. A7 clutches seem rather complicated! The issue is the toggles that push against the backplate when you press the pedal. Where the toggles press on the backplate the plate wears. Mine had been welded to take out the wear but a better mod is to drill the plate and insert 1/4 inch grub screws to provide a hardened surface for the toggles to rest on. It also allows you to adjust the height of the pivot point. To accurately drill the holes in the centre of the slot I turned up a little punch on the lathe so I could make a punch mark right in the middle of the slot. The punch is the same width as the slot.

IMG_2690_1 IMG_2692_1 IMG_2694_1

Because the plate had been welded (and the welds are hard) and the punch wasn’t hardened it only lasted the three punches then the point was ruined. But it was enough. I used a centre drill to start the holes then drilled them out to the right tapping size for 1/4 UNF. UNF as the threads are fine and the plate isn’t very thick. Also luckily I have a 1/4 UNF tap!

To tap the holes I used the pillar drill. Unpowered and turned by hand of course but that ensured I tapped the holes square. I find that tricky sometimes by hand.

IMG_2695_1 IMG_2697_1

I now need to get some 1/4 UNF grub screws.

I also had another look at the top of the crankcase. There was some pitting so I though why not try filling those with epoxy. I smeared the top with epoxy and have roughly sanded it flat with some paper on top of my glass plate. I still need to lap it smooth with some grinding paste but I ran out! One rear corner at the bell housing end was very pitted so the epoxy built that back up to height.

IMG_2684_1 IMG_2691_1




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