Minor mods.

October 30th, 2014

I’ve been doing a few small things to the new car and been practicing driving it. The weather has been rubbish lately but last night I got to go for a quick drive after rush hour just before it got dark (and rained). I sorted out insurance through the VCC so it is now safe for me to take it on the streets. First I practiced with the clutch on my expansive front lawn until it got a bit to slippery and the car would sit there with a back wheel just spinning not going anywhere.


But it gave me a good feel for the clutch bite without spinning the wheels on the concrete floor of the garage!

I also ripped out the horrible plastic floor stuff and have temporarily cables tied the wiring up a bit more neatly. That will all need redoing at some point.

IMG_2736_1 IMG_2737_1

In the picture above you can see the cover around the handbrake lever. That’s an example of the odd little inaccuracies with this car. Here is an original that I have so I can make a copy. I want to fit a battery disconnect switch so I can totally isolate the battery. One job I did was add some bolts to the front right hinge on the passenger seat and it was a bit fiddly with a spanner in there so close to the battery terminals.


The original has a tunnel on the side for the wiring to go under.  Practicing with the clutch made me realise that a metal pedal gives you no grip and my foot kept slipping so I pulled the rubber pad from the parts box for the special and fitted that.

IMG_2739_1 IMG_2740_1

Here are a few of the other little details. The prop shaft tunnel cover and the fibreglass wings. The instrument panel looks homemade too.

IMG_2741_1 IMG_2742_1 IMG_2743_1

The drivers seat on mine is moved back a few inches. I think I will reposition it forward again. At the moment I need to reach a bit for the brake lever. Having the seat in the proper position will be better and it won’t need a block of wood jambed under the rear of it for support anymore!




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