More little jobs.

December 9th, 2014

I’ve been doing more smaller jobs. The other night I went out to the garage abou 8pm to fix my shoes and for some reason got distracted making a petrol dipstick. I trimmed up an unused red fibre spacer I had (usually used under the front spring) and made a stick following the pattern in the green book. The top I made from a scrap of copper I had with a bit of a swage in it hammered over a piece of strap steel I had and a wooden former. It was more an experiment but it came out so well it’s quite useable. The long lines are supposedly gallon marks, the tank holding about 4 gallons (18L) when full.

IMG_2949_1 IMG_2958_1

IMG_2951_1 IMG_2957_1

In the weekend I finished flushing the radiator. I then sprayed that black.

IMG_2938_1 IMG_2947_1

The radiator shell I stripped of all the bolted on bits so I can clean that up. It’s in very good condition. Some scratches on the outside but no holes or splits or major dings.

IMG_2933_1 IMG_2943_1 IMG_2946_1

I did have to drill off the badge since the bolts were so corroded.


The bits in the bottom corners are steel brackets riveted in place. I cleaned all rust off with oxalic acid since it wouldn’t harm the shell. I also used a scotch pad disc in the drill to remove the really stubborn rust. Tonight I painted the steel brackets black with my good anti rust paint. I want to do a little more tidying up on the shell (it needs minor bashing) then I will paint the inside of it satin black, over-painting the gloss black of the paint on the brackets.

IMG_2966_1 IMG_2932_1

I also drilled a hole in the radiator cap so I can fit my Boyce Motometer. That’s really for the special but until that’s done I can use it on the Chummy. Get a bit of real patina on it too, it look far too new now. I’ll take a picture when I assemble the radiator and shell again.

Since the front was off I removed the front shock to clean and paint and to make up longer arms (about 1/4 inch) on one side so I can lock the axle down. I found it needed a little bashing to get straight and that the star washer thing was cracked. I will try to find a better one but for now a little bit of weld on it should hold it. I had the gas out anyway to braze a tube in the end of the new shock arms for the rubber bush. Same as I did on my specials front shock here:

IMG_2934_1 IMG_2935_1 IMG_2940_1

I then soaked everything in rust killer for a few days then tonight wire brushed it all then painted it. I’ll get a new centre bush for it I think. The friction discs are fine.


The idea is I can start restoring all this stuff now then eventually reuse it all on the van. Speaking of the van I am starting to collect bits already. I went to see Joss on Saturday morning and Glen was there collecting his new floor pan. Joss can now make these to order so if anyone wants one you can contact him through me. He can also make full aluminium skins as well.

20141206_093651 20141206_093656 20141206_093702

20141206_095344 20141206_095358

Other small jobs were refitting the spare tyre on the rim Joss lent me and trying to fix my leaking petrol tap. It was dripping quite badly (right on the exhaust pipe!) and I discovered, after taking it apart, that it was badly scored. I tried polishing it with Brasso using a drill on the tap part while holding the body in a clamp. That helped but didn’t totally fix it so I will probably get a new one.

IMG_2937_1 IMG_2964_1

Glen had an old instrument panel that came with his Chummy but he is going to use a different one in his car so he gave me the one he didn’t need. It needs some work but that won’t be too hard to do. It’s currently in the molasses getting a good stink on it. Then I can unpick the glove boxes and start straightening the panel. Then you cut out and weld in any patches needed.

IMG_2929_1 IMG_2930_1

I also went to see Marcus over in Devonport after work last night and he has a chassis from Steve in Wellington that should be suitable as a base for the van. I’ll need to get it blasted and fix a few small pieces but it should work well.

I did nothing on the poor special although hopefully I will get some steel soon to start making up the rest of the seat.





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  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Hi Simon
    “I then soaked everything in rust killer for a few days”
    Do you use molasses? I stil have not found them here. I will try oxalic acid.

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