Front back together.

December 17th, 2014

I’ve been working on getting the front back together. I am off to the UK for Christmas/New Year so I will lend the car to Joss to putter about it. I wanted to get the front shock done.

I finished painting everything up including the inside of the radiator shell.


I carefully reassembled everything, a bit of a struggle as you have to get the brackets in the base of the shell and get the core sitting on top of them. I got it all together and back on the car then realised I had forgotten something.


I’d left the flaming Austin winged badge off and you can’t bolt it in place without removing everything. I could have pop riveted it I guess but that would be wrong so I took it all apart again and fitted the badge.

I had to wait to reassemble the front shock as I had ordered new bushes and washers for it. I also dug in my old set of parts and found the original front shock I had uses the same sized star washers for the bit that holds the shock together. I cleaned that up and painted it.

Tonight I reassembled it all. I greased the wooden discs. That helps hold them in place when you assemble everything. It all went together easily so my new longer arms were exactly the right length.

IMG_2972_1 IMG_2977_1 IMG_2979_1

I was pleased to be losing a shackle as the one on there was very worn (although I have spares). You can see how the arms lock straight to the axle via a rubber bush. Now the front axle can only move up and down in an arc and not swing from side to side.

I also in the weekend fitted the Boyce motometer. Joss said I should mention it’s a repro cap I drilled for that, not and original! I also refitted the tail light and tidied up the wiring. It is much more red in real life, the digital camera just messes up the colour!

IMG_2976_1 IMG_2973_1

The car is looking a lot tidier. Not having a rusty radiator helps.

That’s all till I get back from my trip early next year. Then I can start finishing off the special and start thinking about the van! A new set of tyres should be on the way from the UK soon so the first job will be cleaning up the wheels I have.


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