Very small update.

February 15th, 2015

I’d like to say I rewired the Chummy, fixed it rear shocks and replaced the radius arm mounting bush. But I did none of that. I did mount a fuse holder to the firewall for when I do rewire it though!


Then I had to take it off and remount it since as you can see in the photos I forgot the little wire thing that holds to cover on! The lack of progress is because I’ve been too busy getting ready for my new job, trying to finish my railway table (as I need that to work at!) and messing about with my Orwell computer. I’ve been on a roll with that and didn’t want to stop. He’s now ready to have a case made. Crackle black painted steel. Timber ends. I am inspired by the look of the original Enigma machines (I am hoping to code one on Orwell – in BASIC!).

I still need to clean the garage so I have space and start sorting out my special again. Especially the engine. When I am in my new role I will have much more time to go see the engineer and get that all sorted so I am not really rushing until then.

I am also doing a little sewing class. Mainly to make booster cushions for the railway table chairs as the increased table height makes them a little low. But I am hoping the skills I learn could then be applied to learning how to do some simple upholstery type things. Like a simple tonneau cover for the Chummy that covers the hood and the back seats giving me some secure (well…) storage space on it.

I also got apart the little torch I got at the swap meet a few weekends ago. The lens cover was well stuck. I left it soaking for days then used the same trick I use for stuck glass jar tops. I just held it under the hot tap for a minute then it came right off!


2 Responses to “Very small update.”

  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Hi Simon,
    “I am hoping to code one on Orwell – in BASIC!”
    Wonderful story that Enigma decoding. Of course Turing was a genius, this helps. Like you I always thought I would some day write such a program. Let us know your progress there please.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Renaud, actually my ultimate aim is to code a version of the Bombe machine. That’s much more complicated. It didn’t solve the Enigma, just worked gave them the reduced set of possible configurations for setting the machine up. The decryption was still by hand. Of course to test a Bombe you need an Enigma first. The Bombe is extremely clever. When you start reading up on how it works, and I don’t yet understand it fully, you really see what a genius Turing was. It basically tests which combinations aren’t possible based on how you set it up. Eventually at the end you are hoping it spits out a small number of possible settings which are then tested by hand. There were others involved too of course. Poor old Gordon Welchman almost never gets a mention.

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