Finished bonnet hinge.

April 6th, 2015

I finally got around the finishing my bonnet hinge this weekend. Some were a little tight but I found by clamping them in the vice like below I could loosen them up. I also cheated and rubbed the brass pin with sandpaper which helped too.


I ended up needing 11 hinge pieces.


Also the other week my new tyres arrived from the UK (thanks to Marcus for organising that). They are 19 inch Blockleys. The plan is to remove all the wheels off the Chummy, remove the old tyres and get the rims blasted then repair whatever needs repairing and fit the new tyres.


We also had a good meet up of our special builders group (special builders anonymous) and Steve was up from Wellington so it was good to finally meet up.

Still settling into my new job. Still need to get paid! So will be a while before I can start on any engine building. Next make the bonnet panels and a seat! My steering box is leaking too so I will need to look at that. That can wait until I pull everything apart for painting.

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  1. steve anderson Says:

    have you considered using a HADLEY full pressure counter balanced billet crank and rods from PETER PEARSON in ENG. ?? I am for my Bonneville salt flats Austin engine I am building. I can give more info if you want.. STEVE ANDERSON , TUCSON AZ. USA

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Steve, I have gone for a splash fed Phoenix crank with their flat rods and a set of racing slipper pistons. I am hoping to start assembling the engine very soon.

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