May 25th, 2015

I’m not dead! Even though I have been very slack I had good reason. Am settled into my new job now (working from home). Have several pay packets behind me too. I was unable to do much for quite a long time due to an elbow issue which meant I couldn’t do anything physical with it. But that’s come right now so back into it.

I first needed to clean my garages again to get some working space. The little one had been taken over by spiders!


So I had a good clean up in there and have started moving my Austin parts back in as now I have space to rebuild the engine and gearbox. I have a spare 3 speed box to play with too for the Chummy that Bob kindly gave to me.

I had a good tidy up, vacuumed up all the spiders and saved this one Preying Mantis.

IMG_3803_1 IMG_3799_1

I then started cleaning up the other garage. That’s the one I need more space in at the moment. I made shelves under my workbench to put tools and other things and will soon start clearing out all the old MG stuff I no longer need (old master cylinders beyond repair, worn brake linings, rusty water pumps and so on).

I have also taken the wheels off the Chummy and removed three of the five old tyres so I can have the rims media blasted, tweaked and then reassemble everything with the new tyres. Apparently others who got the Blockleys through Marcus say they are really good tyres and they are very pleased with them.

IMG_3800_1 IMG_3806_1 IMG_3807_1


Joss bought me some 18 gauge steel to make my bonnet hinge mounting brackets but it turned out to be 1mm instead. That might be thick enough although the one I already made is 1mm and seems a bit thin. 1.2 would be better. I also need to make the bonnet hinge mounting blocks. Then in a few weeks we will make the aluminium bonnet panels. Still to be made are a seat and a petrol tank. Once that’s done there is just the boot lid and the wings to be done.

I can’t drive at the moment (can’t wear my contacts for a few weeks until I get measured for new ones, my eyes need time to go back to blurry normal) but when I can I will go visit the engineer about the work I need doing to my crankcase. Then I can start assembling the engine finally. I should also find out about close ratio four speed gears to go into the gearbox.

There isn’t really that much more to be done really. Just need to crack on and do it!

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  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Hello Simon,
    Very pleased to have you back and kicking.
    Can’t wait for the following good work!

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