More tidying.

June 7th, 2015

I have been tidying more and also working on the bonnet hinge. I need to get that done as great maneuvers are taking place so that Joss has space in his shed to start doing some aluminium bodies for people and when all the aluminium work is happening we can also do the bonnet for my special.

With some thicker steel from Joss I made new bonnet hinge mounting pieces. I had made one mistake on my hinge and that was I forgot that everything has to be flush with the rubber in place so I made a few tweaks to get it all to line up. Need a bit of tiding up but it’s looking better now. I still need to make the blocks and tubes that hold the actual hinge to the stay then I can paint it all.

IMG_3826_1 IMG_3827_1

IMG_3828_1 IMG_3831_1

I am still slowly sorting out the big garage so I have more room. My parents are remodelling their kitchen so I jumped in and got rescued what I could before it was thrown out. I even got the kitchen sink!

IMG_3836_1 IMG_3838_1

IMG_3839_1 IMG_3837_1

The drawers were quite knackered. The backs of them was chip board which crumbled like Weetbix so I replaced all that with plywood. The plywood offcuts from the special’s floor as it happened. One side was open so I tidied that up, nailed on some strips of wood to stop stuff falling down the sides and stuck a thin piece of MDF over it. The MDF was the original template for the specials floor. There is a lot of recycled special in those drawers!


The top is the bit of plywood that was covering the hole in my model railway dining table but now I have the glass for that the ply could be reused. Since the red tool box is on castors that can be wheeled about anywhere.

I am still sorting out all the rubbish I have in the garage and making slow progress. One thing I did do today that Joss suggested was make a tyre/rim rack in the roof space. That gets them up out of the way. I need to take the Chummy rims off to be blasted soon so I can fit the new tyres and get that mobile again. It will be good once the old Chummy tubs are out of the way (hint! hint!) then things won’t look quite so full! They are up out of the way for now though.

IMG_3855_1 IMG_3854_1

So more tidying to do. Need to get the block out of the special so I can go see the engineer to get my mods done. Need to get Chummy wheels rebuilt and need to finish my bonnet hinge. I don’t think I have progressed that far from last time!


4 Responses to “More tidying.”

  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Funny enough I spend all of may tidying and reorganizing MY workshop! Much more efficient and comfortable now like yours I’m sure Simon.
    All the best,

  2. admin Says:

    It’s much nicer to work in when things are tidy. Just have to not let things get into a mess again!

  3. Andrew Helgeson Says:

    I have been doing similar tidy-ing. After finishing an MGB restoration, I acquired a 1940 American Bantam for restoration (incomplete) and (2) 1930 American Austin chassis – which will become “specials”. I do not have a garage and a workshop – My “space” is a 2-car garage (20 feet x 24 feet). So, organization is a MUST!

    You are doing good – thanks for the “how-tos” (hinge fabrications and ideas).

  4. admin Says:

    I also started with MGB restoration (! I started that restoration in a carport! I need to organise some better shelving in the garage still and just clear out a bunch of old thing. Used aerosol cans and a bunch of things that can go to be recycled (like old MGB wiring looms). Will put up decent shelving along half of two walls and leave a flat space for leaning up sheets of steel, aluminium and plywood and so on. Shouldn’t take too much more organising.

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