Finally finished tidying….

July 19th, 2015

Well, mostly. I still have boxes of random screws and bolts and so on to sort out but I do have my shelves in and everything off the floor now. I bought some decent shelving (1.2m wide and about 2m tall) off TradeMe and assembled that. I bought extra shelves and will use wood of the top of them (I had enough wood to do one so far). That got all the bits and pieces off the floor and tidied away nicely.

IMG_3990_1 IMG_3992_1 IMG_3993_1

IMG_3994_1 IMG_3996_1 IMG_3997_1

As recommended by Joss the shelves come half way along one side wall leaving a decent amount of space against one wall for sheets of plywood, aluminium, steel, etc. I took out all the light galvanised shelves I had and will see if the local VAR can use them in our spares shed.

I have also added some garage bling. Luckily a friend’s neighbour died (well, not for his widow I guess) and she was cleaning out his ‘junk’ so I got a bunch of locomotive pictures in frames, some railway jigsaw puzzles and some DVDs and books (and a couple of VHS tapes). The pictures look good on the walls and I appreciate the other stuff being something of a railway geek.

I also had a lucky win on TradeMe for this nice dash light. It was described as a blackout light. It has a rotating cover over the bulb. It’s a bit chunky for an Austin 7. Will have to think of something else to use it in. Hmmm, I wonder what?

IMG_3947 IMG_3950

I also got all my wheels back from the blasters. Three rims are in good condition and just need the spokes checking. Several had bad rims but one I can repair with some brazing. One rim has narrow spokes and  good rim and hum. I can use that to replace the really bad rim and make a new wheel with thick spokes. That will give me a good set of five for the Chummy. I also bought a set of new inner tubes for them all to go with the new tyres. I can paint four of the rims and at least get the car on the road again then worry about rebuilding the spare later. Of course it’s the middle of winter here so good painting days are hard to find! I did start the poor Chummy today since it’s been so long. I’d like to say she fired right up but there was quite a period of groaning and other odd noises before she fired. Once running for a few minutes though everything seemed good.

IMG_3951_1 IMG_3952_1

With the big garage clean I’ve been shuffling things back and forth to the small garage. That is also looking nice and tidy now too. The MG and the lawnmower live in there.

IMG_3982_1 IMG_3983_1

So now I can finally get to the cars in the big garage I need to start thinking about finishing them. I am still distracted by other things though. Mainly finishing off my Bombe!

4 Responses to “Finally finished tidying….”

  1. Don Wright Says:

    Regarding your “blackout light”, it is exactly that, I used to own an ex military land rover that had blackout capability, it had a large rotary switch on the dash that gave just about every light combination you could think of, one of these turned all the electrics off except the engine and the light you have. This light was mounted under the car above the back axle and it illuminated the white painted diff housing enabling vehicles following in convoy to be able to see where you were in front of them. The rotating section enabled you to have full darkness. I hope this is of interest to you.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for that Don. I was wondering what exactly it is used for. It definitely seemed military, very solid and well built. I think it will make a good dash light. Need to put a bulb into it and see.

  3. tomk Says:

    Jings those are a pair of good looking garages. Spent today whitewashing my garage walls and building a bike rack.

    But still going to have to fabricate some serious bling to keep up with the Jones.

  4. admin Says:

    No excuse not to finish the car now!

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