Chummy wheels.

August 16th, 2015

I finally started on the cars again. The Turing Bombe is still ongoing but nearing the end! I keep getting distracted. I had some giant tress cut down here and am still splitting and stacking wood. I also got up on my roof to clean the guttering and took a few photos.

IMG_4059_1 IMG_4060_1 IMG_4061_1

IMG_4062_1 IMG_4063_1

The crane in the pictures is the entrance to the new motorway tunnel they are building in Auckland. The hill is Mt Albert, an extinct volcano.

Ian, as well as building his special body, has finished my block for me. He’s but bigger inlet valve seats (with a fancy gadget) and cleaned up some of the ports so I can see how it’s done and finish the rest off myself.


So he says I have no excuse for not finishing now! I started rebuilding the Chummy wheels so I can get that on the road again. The wheels were all blasted so now I have repaired any small holes (they weren’t too bad) with braze and I am checking the spokes and adjusting them to make the wheels run true. They are quite out it seems!

I am using the front hub on the car as it’s up on stands at the moment. I use a dial gauge, not to get accurate measurements, nut as a moveable pointer. I am just learning how you tweak the spokes to change the shape of the wheel to make it run true. I don’t know how true they need to be though. I guess the faster you go the truer they need to be!

Just getting consistent measurements is difficult. I am figuring as long as I can make them better than they were when they were on the car that’s good. I didn’t notice any issues with them before.


I have four I can tweak to get right and one I need to fully adjust on so I will make some kind of jig for that. I’ll do the four first, pick the best one and build the jig around that to do the fifth.

Jos also bought around some plywood for me today which I am going to use to make bucks so we can do the aluminium for the boot and bonnet. That is my job for after work this week.


The other thing I got a few weeks ago was this small grease gun. When cleaning my garage I found my large one had leaked everywhere. It was always a pain to use too so I got this small one. It works very well.

IMG_4066_1 IMG_4068_1

So with the block done I can pull the crankcase out once I have made the bonnet buck and start looking at getting an engine built!

I just have to not get distracted by other new toys like this old microscope I got for a bargain price!


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