Bonnet and boot.

August 23rd, 2015

Right, back onto the car again. My Bombe lived up to it’s name. I accidentally blew it up! That’s what happens when you accidentally  plug a 12 volt SLA into a 5 volt powered computer. So until new parts arrive that project is on hold.

And anyway, with the car, I have no excuses now. Ian is rushing ahead with his and even then he had time to finish sorting out my block for me by cutting seats for my bigger inlet values. He has also cleaned up one inlet tract so I have an example to copy to be able to do the other one myself.

IMG_4321_1 IMG_4322_1

So this weekend I made bucks for the shape of the bonnet and boot lid which we will be making very soon. Not much to explain here, some bits of plywood cut to the shape the bonnet pieces need to be to fit the car.

IMG_4312_1 IMG_4313_1

The boot lid was a little trickier as I needed to match the shape of the tail and there is no easy way to trace around it. I used my flexible drawing curve thing and bent that to the shape of the body around the boot opening and transferred the shape to some plywood.

IMG_4314_1 IMG_4315_1

For the curve along the car I taped a bendy stick to the body, held up on suitably sized blocks, to make the right curve. This was traced onto another piece of plywood that forms the main cross support of the buck.

IMG_4316_1 IMG_4318_1

I am hoping that is close enough to shape the aluminium to. We have to do the shaping in Joss’ garage and of course the car isn’t there!

Next time I do an order from RS I will get some 1m lengths of stainless rod which we will use as the hinge pins for the bonnet side panels. Now the engine and gearbox are out of the car again I can take the block off to the engineer to get the modification I need done to it.

4 Responses to “Bonnet and boot.”

  1. Renaud in Brittany Says:

    Pleased to see the good work is starting again Simon.

  2. Tom Says:

    Liking the look of that tail end.

  3. Nigel Says:

    I might consider brass for your hinge pins; it seems to work better than s/s or mild and it’s easier to peen over at the ends. Glad to see you’re back on the case!

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Nigel, I did want brass but haven’t found any long enough. The stainless I can order now and have by tomorrow! We do use brass for the main pin down the middle.

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