More progress.

January 25th, 2017

Am slowly getting back into it. I made this little film showing my current (lack of) progress. It’s more about the Riley but there is some Austin stuff there too. I was going to have a separate blog for the Riley but that’s too much work so it’s all going to be lumped in here I am afraid!

Because things are so quiet at work (i.e. there is none but I go in anyway to pick up odd jobs and work on my own things) I have been spending my time cleaning up various bits in the blasting cabinet there.

And today my parts arrived (new tappets, fan, other odds and sods and used but good sump) so I was busy sand blasting things today. I took in the Austin flywheel and clutch and did them then just after doing that the parts arrived so I did the sump too. I would like an alloy sump but no work means no money so that luxury has to wait!

IMG_0602_1 IMG_0603_1 IMG_0605_1

I did have to machine a few thou off the fan pulley I had made so the new fan would slide on but that only took a second in the lathe. Now I have the tappets I can finish assembling the block so I will do that tomorrow evening hopefully. I have a valve spring compressor but it is a large, modern one and awkward to use. I really need one of the proper old Austin 7 ones. Will keep an eye out on TradeMe for one.

I also did some more on the Riley. I have been busy sandblasting bits of that while I try to work out the missing brackets I need. Tonight I stripped the front axle so I can start cleaning and rebuilding that. I will fit new king pins and bushes (I am assuming these are easily available like they are for Austin 7s!). The pins holding the king pins in are standard cotters, not the half moon ones the A7 has so you can just remove them. Once came out easily with a few hits with a steel drift but the other side was well stuck so I ended up drilling down the centre of the cotter pin then knocking it out. The king pins themselves came out easily (thank goodness). One interesting thing is the thrust washers. One side looks original. There is a pin in the axle and the washer has a locating hole in it. The other side was bodged. It looks like the pin was filed down and the washer on that side is smaller and thinner than the other side. It also seems that the hole was hand filed to fit (badly). Hopefully I can get replacement washers and might look at drilling and replacing the bodged locating pin.

IMG_0598_1 IMG_0600_1 IMG_0604_1

The bushes were able to be pressed out with the vice and with a C clamp and some suitably sized sockets. One bush on the bodged side was a bit battered but in general both sides didn’t seem too worn out. But I will replace everything anyway when I rebuild it. Tomorrow I will take the stub axles to work to media blast them and I might take the axle itself in on Saturday to use the large blasting cabinet on that. It’s kind of nice to be working on something like the Riley. It isn’t a huge car by any means but everything on it is somewhat more substantial than the little Austin 7.

I also forgot to post these photos last time. These are some film pics I took at Southwards Car Museum some time ago! Photography is something else I am trying to get back into.

2017-01-04_13_1 2017-01-04_18 2017-01-04_19_1

2 Responses to “More progress.”

  1. jack Peppiatt Says:

    Hi Simon, Well done for getting back into it, you have obviously spent a lot of time organising the garage/workshop space, something easily overlooked but essential and time consuming. I wonder if i can help with your Riley questions, I dont have one or know anyone with one, however I am close to Bicester Heritage and I think Blue Diamond Services are based there and there may be Riley owners in the Oxfordshire, Gloucs, Bucks area. I would be happy to go and measure of photograph appropriate cars, chassis etc if you were able to make contact and let me know what you want from a car or part. I was at a Bicester Scramble a couple of weeks ago and there were two Brookland Rileys present, both associated with BDS Ltd I think. Anyway, if I can be of assistance please let me know. I have Austin 7’s and Wolseley Hornet Specials and have been following your supercharged Austin project with interest.
    Regards Jack

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Jack, I will see if I can find anyone. The problem is it really needs to be a car in pieces since the brackets aren’t easily visible with everything assembled.

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