Boot lid – second attempt!

December 19th, 2017

Yes, I had to remake the boot lid from scratch. For two reasons: 1, my initial attempt at wiring the edge went very wrong and 2, I measured it wrong so even if it had gone right it wouldn’t have fitted!

So I made another.


Again I wheeled the shape into it but this time instead of using the slip rollers to put the curve into it I used the gas bottle from my MIG welder as a former. It was a much bigger diameter than the rollers so gave me better curves.

I also made a new cutting template for drawing out the shape I needed. First though I checked my measurement with my test piece. On the first attempt I had allowed for the 15mm that wraps around the wire but forgot to add on the extra for getting to the wire, if that makes sense. I remeasured and then gave myself a generous margin as well!

IMG_1020 IMG_1021

I traced the opening onto the clear plastic. I copied that to the aluminium sheet on the inside of the curve. I then used a block with my extra space marked on it as a guide and drew my cutting line outside the opening line with the Sharpie.

IMG_1023 IMG_1024

Once cut out I was able to test and tweak the panel to fit. The wheeling also has the effect of polishing the metal somewhat hence the shininess here.


To fold the edge over this time, instead of trying to hit it with the hammer and break it on the edge of a dolly, which I found difficult since the panel kept moving, I used my pliers with the teeth ground off to carefully fold the line over. You don’t try to go 90 degrees in one go but instead go around the whole panel folding it slightly each time until it gets to the angle you need.


I then tidied the edge with hammer and dolly.

I don’t have any pictures of me actually wiring. It’s hard to do so I was too busy concentrating on that. I did find out AFTER I was done I had done it wrong. This is the trouble not being close to my teacher Joss who could explain and show me how to do things. I have to make the mistakes first now and have him explain later on the phone! I started wrapping the metal over the wire in the straight edges but instead you should start in the most curved bits, the corners.

Still, I managed to get there in the end. It’s a little rough but then the whole car is so it’s in keeping! After wrapping the edge I did a little extra wheeling to the lid to put some more curve into it. A lot of filing and it doesn’t look too bad. I like the hand made look and I think it’s pretty good for a first (well, second) attempt.

IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1062

I still need to work out some kind of straps to hold it down as well as a seal on the inside to keep the water out. A foam strip stuck on the inside around the edge should work fine there.

Another thing I did was make a new driver’s side floor panel. This time I was more careful to fit the panel around the steering column and get the pedal positions correct. I still need a hole for the clutch pedal but I can’t do that until the engine and gearbox can be sat in place to work out the exact position.

IMG_1063 IMG_1064

I have also to start working on the engine/gearbox. The clutch needs setting up then I want to get things balanced (probably too late for this year now). I actually need to go through all my bits and pieces that were carefully put away when I moved to Wellington over a year and a half ago and work out what I have and what I need. I think I had almost everything needed to build a working engine now.

I still want to do the bonnet, fuel tank and seat soon too.  The bonnet hinge folds are complicated so I will do a small test piece first I think.

If you want to see a quick film of the car you can see it here at about 9 minutes in. This is mainly about my other time sapping project at the moment, 3D printing a Polish Enigma machine.

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