More on the bonnet.

January 30th, 2018

A bit more work on the bonnet last night. Was stinking hot in the garage but I refined the shape and trimmed the panels a bit.

IMG_1114_1 IMG_1115_1

IMG_1116_1 IMG_1113_1

The curve is a little lumpy in places because I don’t have a single, long thing to bend it around so had to go in sections. And it’s not sitting right at the front since it overhangs the radiator surround. I think next I need to trim the front so it sits in the right place then I can smooth the curves (maybe a quick run through the english wheel – light pressure?) and trim it again then start making the hinge part.

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  1. Tom Says:

    Two updates in as many days!

    Thanks. Tragically, reading these entries is as close as I get to tinkering with vehicles in these post-kid times. Thanks.

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