Even more bonnet.

February 4th, 2018

A small and boring update. Not because I haven’t been doing anything, more because there isn’t much to see. I have continued with mangling my bonnet and trimming it down. I finally got things fitting fairly well. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect as the thing is strapped down of course so it will be pulled tight. It has a little shape top it especially after I played around with using the wheel to smooth things out. That works but of course adds compound curve to things (I should try the rubber band on the top wheel trick) but then I found it looked much better on the car since it wasn’t totally flat.

I have only trimmed the front edge so far. I will need to get more of the rubber sealing strip the bonnet goes up against from the UK. I had some but that was bought so long ago it ended up on someone else’s car (Joss’ special I think?). I need new pins for the clutch toggles so will do an order tomorrow.

To get the line I pulled out my stick again and basically taped it to the car in the position that looked about right and drew a line then continued the line with a straight edge (since the hinge is straight) across the bonnet top panels. The line rises up to the front. This special has a taller nose than most! I then trimmed the panels allowing for the metal to make the hinge part of course.

IMG_1127_1 IMG_1121_1

Next I need to mark and then cut out all the hinge fingers then start folding things. That’s going to be tricky without a brake to use but if I go slowly and carefully I should be able to do it at home with steel flat bar all suitably clamped down. A job for during the week. I suspect when I fold the hinge line the panel will distort so after I get the hinge in I might need to go over the panels again. At least the bottom halves are simple flat panels (I hope!).

The other thing I did was an experiment with my TIG welder to see if I can fit a foot pedal to it. My welder is the consumer grade version of a more expensive model but it uses the same accessories. In the list of parts available they do list a (wireless) foot pedal. I don’t need wireless and when looking up the manual for the more expensive welder I find a pin out for the main connector the torch uses. It showed the pinouts for the foot control. I found the right connector on AliExpress (it’s a 12 pin SP2110 but I think every welder uses something different) and ordered one. The when it arrived I tried a simple test with a microswitch and a 100K pot across the appropriate pins. And it works! The switch fires the torch and the pot lets you adjust the amperage from about 10 up to whatever it is currently set for.


Given that all works I have ordered a speed controller foot pedal from China. Not the huge industrial TIG ones, I am not in a production environment so something simpler works. I got a universal sewing machine foot controller (far cheaper) and will hack that to make it work with my welder. I think that will make welding, especially aluminium, much easier.

3 Responses to “Even more bonnet.”

  1. Nigel Wright Says:

    I got on perfectly well with a helicopter but the foot pedal on the TIG welder? No.

  2. admin Says:

    What if you treat is as a sewing machine? Maybe the issue, if you’re used to aircraft, is you need TWO of them!

  3. Roger Batenan Says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed reading your blog now you are back on air, especially as I have a 37 Riley as well as an A7.
    Re your latest, an old coach builder told me that if you want a bonnet hinge to look parallel to the ground, it should slope down a little. Something to do with optical illusions!

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