New parts (finally).

September 21st, 2011

My missing parts finally arrived. As well as a part I won on TradeMe. I also got in touch with Tom who took the great pictures of the Dixi sports car and he said it was fine for me to use those pictures so I have uploaded them to my gallery.

The clock I won is an old Smiths car clock. It’s a wind up clock that you open up (it’s hinged on the left hand side) to get to the winder. Very cool and period I think!

IMG_0768_1 IMG_0769_1 Smiths car clock.

I also bid on, and won, a Smiths speedo with a silver face. Not sure I can use that yet but it would match the clock perfectly.

My front end parts finally arrived. I seem to have made a mistake with some of the brake parts. I got the wrong rear cables and also the shoe springs seem wrong. There seem to be several types of shoes, some with lugs on them the springs hook over (like mine) and some with holes that take the springs I ordered. Will need to find out what the story is there.

IMG_0767_1 Parts.

The bearings seem to be sealed ones so no need to grease them I guess. The new king pins definitely wobble in the axle eyes so that will be the next thing, getting those shrunk. Will also need to work out how to get certain bushes, like the stub axle bushes, reamed.

Finally the pictures Tom took at the BMW museum in Munich of the Dixi sports. This is definitely now my inspiration for what I want to build. It’s a very simple car but a lovely shape I think.

DSC03496DSC03498 DSC03499

DSC03502 DSC03503 DSC03506

DSC03511 DSC03517

DSC03497 DSC03501 DSC03508

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