Steering wedge.

October 19th, 2011

Last night I started playing around with making a steering wedge which lifts and alters the angle of the steering box. At it’s natural angle it is far too upright for a sports car having come from a saloon car originally. With the later, side mount box you can simply change the holes in the side of the chassis rail to alter the angle. I am using the earlier style box which mounts to the top of the rail because I want to use a particular type of steering wheel and have the hand controls in the centre of it.

To mount this type of box you use a wedge. The wedge is a steel triangle that the box sites on. It is made from steel strap 1/4 inch thick. A 1/8 plate welded onto one side gives it rigidity and also a place for the brake pivot bolt to pass through. This bolt is what the foot brake lever pivots around. You arrange the wedge so that the box is lifted and the angle lowered. It needs to be high enough that the brake pivot bolt is above the chassis rail but still vertically in line with it’s old position. The rod that goes back to the cross shaft will be at an angle but this shouldn’t matter. The floor does need to be modified just in front of the firewall to go around the raised box. Since I am making everything from scratch this isn’t a problem.

I used the dimensions in Chris Gould’s Ulster building book as a guide and made a first wedge from thick aluminium strap just to get the basic dimensions correct. That one I made too low. The angle was correct but the height wrong so there wasn’t enough room to get a socket onto the nut on the brake pivot above the chassis rail. I made a second one from 1/8th thick steel strap that I made 1/4 of an inch higher and this one looks a lot better.

IMG_0915_1 IMG_0916_1 Steering angle adjusted.

The wooden boards allow me to approximate the seat position and layout. Pedal position is fixed due to the clutch and brake pedals being fixed points (clutch on the gearbox, brake through the steering box).

IMG_0918_1 IMG_0921_1 Template wedge.

With the template wedge correct I will now make the final wedge from 1/4 inch thick steel. This is much harder to bend so will have to get the gas torch out to heat that before trying to fold it.

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