More framing.

November 14th, 2011

Tonight my advisor popped in to see how I was doing. He liked the look of the lines I’d laid out so we took those as a start and refined them. We simplified my adjustable framing. Turns out I didn’t need so much adjustment! Instead we screwed simple uprights to my bookends and then screwed the bookends direct to the floor. All the holes in it can be easily filled later. Tonight we tweaked and looked and tweaked and measured and things are looking good. It’s a very different look to most Austins but still Austin. This is what we have for now. Doesn’t look like much but the basic shape is there.  Tall, long front. Very sweeping sides down to a long tail.

IMG_0999_2 IMG_0996_1

 IMG_0998_1 IMG_0997_1 Simplified framing.

Tomorrow night I will make more bookends and duplicate the curves on the near side. I have enough long sticks to get the curves well laid out. I can make vertical bulkheads at each of the stations (under the scuttle and behind the seats mainly) to get the right profile. Next you cover things in cardboard to fill in the gaps and give it real shape. I will see if I can get a roll of corrugated cardboard to use tomorrow. Then we look at it, tweak it, look some more.

Before you can even start making the steel frame you need to know the details of the car since this affects how you make the frame. Do you want wire edges to the cockpit or aluminium wrapped around tube? Where do you break the panels? Where do you put your hands to climb into the damn thing? All things to be thought of as I go along.

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