Cardboard car outside.

November 22nd, 2011

Tonight, since it wasn’t raining, I managed to get the car outside and my friend Grant came over to take a look. He’s an artist so a good person to critique the shape. He approved!  So did several people walking past and the beeps from cars driving past I will take to be approval too. I live on a busy road.

Here are a few pictures of it outside. I also tried her out for size and had Grant take some pictures. She looks like a big car but with a person in her you realise how small she really is.

IMG_1102_1 IMG_1104_1

IMG_1107_1 IMG_1109_1 IMG_1094_1

IMG_1110_1 IMG_1114_1

IMG_1097_1 IMG_1100_1


Next job is to get Joss over for a look. I also did this quick picture to see what the body would look like once the underside is also in place.

IMG_1095_1 IMG_1095_1m

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