Cow horns.

December 18th, 2011

Well, my ‘tweaking’ of the cow horns did not go well at all. The engine mounts didn’t arrive till Saturday afternoon so I spent the day working on the MG instead. She’s going to need a bit more work. The dents from the ladder are fixed and I also cleared some surface rust off the front wings which went fine. Touching up the paint went all wrong though and that will need to be redone after the paint reacted with the spray putty I used. Probably have to be after Christmas now since I won’t be able to go get more paint for a while.

IMG_1244_1 Mounting rubbers.

The mounting kit consists of four big rubbers (like above), that go under the crankcase and fit into spaces in the crankcase feet, four smaller rubbers that go on top of the feet (presumably with a washer and nut on top) and four rubber bushes that go in the holes in the feet between the top and bottom rubbers.

I did fit the engine mounts ready to work on the car on Sunday. I got up very early and was straight out to the garage. I welded in the rearmost hoop since I knew how high the radiator would sit now. I spent a long time trying to tweak the cow horns I had made but had no luck getting them to fit at all. It seemed the radiator surround was just too high so the horns would need to be bent into an awkward shape. I compared my car to the type 65 in the Purves book since this is shown with a diagram and dimensions. Some of them are relevant to me but not all. For example I can’t mount my radiator surround in the same place as on the 65 since the mounting holes for the cow horns are in a different place so the horns would be in the way. The radiator surround needs to be forward slightly on my car. Still, even with it forward, it seemed too high.

I spoke to Joss and was explaining my troubles then it occurred to me I should make sure the engine was sitting exactly where it should.  Lucky I checked. It turned out the front offside mounting stud wasn’t fully screwed home. The two rear mounts are just bolts though holes in the chassis but the front ones are studs that get threaded into the chassis then the engine drops over them. With the stud fully screwed home and the rubbers in the feet in the crankcase everything sat down further. I could then see the horns would fit.

I decided to throw out the original ones, now mangled from too much bending, and made some new ones. I made another aluminium pattern then a stronger pattern from 3mm steel strap. Then it occurred to me instead of bending the curve then trying to twist the horn to the right angle maybe I could make the twist first then the curve. That was the way I made the pattern and that seemed to work. The twist is needed since the valances aren’t flat. They angle down from the front of the car as well as angling out from the front of the car to the sides.

IMG_1245_1 Angle on cow horn.

It took me all day heating and bending and hammering to get the damn things to fit and they still aren’t perfect. But they are good enough for now. They have to be hefty since everything at the front of the car bolts to them. I need to drill three mounts holes in them then I can make up some temporary small plates to allow me to attach the radiator surround to the horns. I can then finally fix the front two hoops in the correct position.

IMG_1247_1 IMG_1252_1 IMG_1253_1

Unfortunately I have used up a huge amount of gas heating these damn things and it also seems the high pressure gauge on my oxygen regulator has a small leak so I need to sort that out too. A very frustrating weekend really.

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