Cow horns 2.

December 19th, 2011

Tonight when I got home I went back to the cow horns. A bit more tweaking was needed so I did that to get the fit a bit better.

IMG_1261_1 Tweaks.

I used a carpenters bevel to match the angle on the horns with the angle on the radiator surround. I’d seen these before but never really used one until Joss mentioned it. So I bought one and they are incredibly useful. I use it for comparing angles of things, say one side of the car to the other.  Very handy thing.

I also checked over my oxy-acetylene set and it is definitely leaking around the high pressure oxygen gauge. It’s very minor but needs fixing. The good thing is I rang BOC today and you can buy just the gauge for NZ$40. Better than having to buy a whole new regulator for $160. Even better is they are open next week when I am on holiday so I will be able to go get one.

With the horns the right shape I bolted them in place then worked out where to drill the holes to mount the valances to. Because the horns have a twist they don’t run vertically. I used some tape to make a vertical line on the horn (following the back line of the radiator surround) so I could drill the holes in the correct places.  That gave me the horizontal for the holes. For the vertical height I just eye-balled it. It didn’t look right having the holes level with the holes in the radiator so I made it so they will follow the sweep of the body. I am sure on the finished car it doesn’t matter since this is hidden behind wheels and guards and so on. But I’ll know!

IMG_1259_1 Getting a vertical line for the holes.

I then made up two aluminium plates to fit the horns and wrap around the radiator surround (recycling more of the original body). These then hold the radiator surround firmly in place (once I bolt that to them) so I can finally then sort out the front hoops and get the front of the car started.

IMG_1264_1 IMG_1266_1 Temporary plates.

I may still adjust the twist on the horns a little. Just the vertical section. That can be done easily with more heat and a big adjustable spanner as a lever to twist the steel. It’s only a few degrees. It’s still not quite right but it is hard to know how right they need to be. And I am a perfectionist damn it!


5 Responses to “Cow horns 2.”

  1. david Says:

    You should write an update

  2. renaud Says:

    I had a long & thorough look at all the project because I have a similar one nicknamed “a froject” (I am french…)
    Congratulations for the work already done. Seems on the right track. The shape of body you achieved looks to me very similar to an Ulster?
    Keep going the good work!

  3. admin Says:

    Do you have a web site for it? Hopefully the car doesn’t look like an Ulster! It should look quite different. Ulsters are an odd shape I find. Not overly attractive from all angles.

  4. Upony Says:

    You always fine the best porn, Ann Austin is wonderful, me thinks maybe a ginger tho!

    Looks like you are doing it hard, but I am sure it will pay off in the end.

    Kia Kaha bro.

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