December 31st, 2011

I’ve been a bit slack lately and haven’t done too much. Been using my holiday to get various other things done. But still have 8 days or so to go!

I did get the radiator surround mounted. I think the brackets might need a bit more twisting but they are generally correct now. I also tweaked the front hoops a little after Joss pointed out they were a bit off.

IMG_1352_1 Front in place.

I also made a mock up of the firewall from cardboard. Bloody expensive cardboard! $13 a sheet. Not buying that again. The firewall extends quite far into the engine bay, right to the back of the cylinder block. I started with a flat sheet then added bits and cut away other bits.

IMG_1357_1 IMG_1359_1

IMG_1360_1 IMG_1362_1 Cardboard car again.

There is a lot of space on the ‘shelf’ of the firewall. I think the battery will go in one side and a tool box in the other. I can drop them into the shelf so they don’t sit so high up.

With the cardboard in place I can get some idea of the room available in the footwell. There is none. Well, on the drivers side anyway.

IMG_1364_1 IMG_1366_1 Footwell.

There is no space for the throttle pedal so there will need to be a bulge on the right hand side to accommodate that. That’s common on A7 specials where the body is made narrow. A few extra curves never hurt an Austin. Ask 1950s Ann Austin (don’t Google her at work)!

Next I guess is some real metalwork making that in steel. I have some 0.8mm steel sheet (between 20 and 22 gauge) that should be suitable left over from years ago when I helped a friend patch some rust on his van. He only needed a few square inches but bought an entire sheet and I have been using it up ever since!

The other thing I need to do is clean up and paint my newly fixed axle repaired and sent up from Steve down near Wellington. He’s welded up the axle eyes for me so they are nice and tight. I will clean it up and paint it with black enamel. He also sent me a good CWP to use so at some point I can rebuild the entire rear end. Tricky just now since it’s on the car.

IMG_1367_1 Repaired axle.

Other things I should look into are having the springs reset to lower them (hopefully Snell’s springs still do them) and having my wire wheels blasted so I can repair and repaint them.

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