Run out of steel.

January 17th, 2012

Well, not run out. Never had to start with. The front hoops are now good. I welded the front one up into one piece so I can go ahead and start on the firewall. First though I am going to weld a piece of flat strap to the hoop so there is a flange to wrap the aluminium body skin over and then bolt the firewall to. I will use 25mm wide by 3mm thick strap. I had a small amount but not enough so I will wait till I have that before continuing. I also ordered a 600mm by 600mm by 6mm steel plate. This will go in my big garage on my bench to give me a nice surface for bashing bits of metal against. I will go get the steel on Saturday. I also still need to buy a decent sheet metal hammer. I could order one online but something like that I want to try in person before buying.

In the mean time I was busy doing other small things. I attached some 4x2s to the garage wall and then bolted the little workbench to them to hold it steady. I was finding when I was using my hi-tech tube bender (a block with a hole in it) the whole bench would move. Not so now.

IMG_1470_1 Solid bench.

The other job I did was cut a groove into the concrete under the garage door and added a contoured board to the bottom of the door to fit into it so now the garage door will close properly. Up until now it’s always had a big gap under it since the ground isn’t flat. Leaves and dust would get in all the time. Now it seals nicely.

IMG_1471_1 IMG_1472_1 IMG_1473_1

Garage door bottom.

Finally the last job was in the big garage. Not really Austin related although I do some work in there of course since that is where most of my tools, my lathe and my drill live. I made an old fashioned hanging jar (I collected glass olive jars for months) thing to keep various screws, bolts and washers in. It works very well!

IMG_1476_1 Screw jars.

Will do more in the weekend after I collect my steel.

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