Folding the firewall.

February 14th, 2012

Tonight I went with Joss to his friends place where we borrowed a metal folder to fold up the firewall. The main folds were done with this.

IMG_1645_1 Metal folding.

Then Joss demonstrated how to fold up the other bends with a hammer, dolly and steel bench. With everything roughly folded we were able to clamp it on the car to see if it would work. Seems to be about right.

IMG_1646_1 IMG_1648_1 Clamped in place.

So next I have to finish tidying up the folds and making everything fit nicely as well as round off sharp corners and edges and file or drill any corners of folds where there could be stress points.

Joss lent me his spot welder so I can then weld the side pieces in place. And I will also gas weld some of the small seams just where the ends of the folds meet up.

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