Tweaking the front hoop.

February 20th, 2012

Tonight I came home and after a distracting argument about a pink woollen vest (it’s red!) I went out to the garage to measure a few things. As I expected the front hoop was somewhat out of whack. The top is correct but the legs were bent over a little. With this front hoop the verticals should be perpendicular to the floor but they weren’t as shown by my square.

IMG_1683_1 Wonky!

To fix it, I removed the hoop from the car then heated the bend at the top of each hoop to red hot with the oxy-acetylene torch and gave them a tweak. Each needed to shift about 1/4 of an inch at the end of the legs which was easy to do. With the hoop back on the car things lined up a lot better. I welded in some braces to the front hoop which is now solidly attached again. Now the front two hoops are perfectly lined up. I also checked the top and this is still nicely aligned.

IMG_1685_1 Better alignment.

After measuring everything (to the rivets at the front of the chassis) I found that one of the front cow horns was about 1/2 an inch out of place so I adjusted that also. Now everything aligns pretty well.

I then clamped the firewall back in place and checked the side clearance. There is about 1/4 of an inch on the offside which is right I think. On the nearside though there isn’t much clearance at all. About 1/8 of an inch. This clearance is needed so that the bonnet sides don’t rattle against the sides of the firewall.  I am not sure exactly how much is needed though as this depends on the valences which will have a joggled top edge that the bonnet sits against. I am having trouble picturing exactly how this will go.

IMG_1686_1 Offside clearance.

IMG_1688_1 Nearside clearance.

Next I need to get the steel for the valences. Two pieces 900 x 400 x 1mm should do it. I can go get those from a place down the road although I need to get there about 4pm when they close so it means leaving work early one day.

And of course I have to look at folding over the top flange still.

Update: I went out to the garage and had a look at it again this morning and I think the clearance thing might be OK. I am forgetting all the other stuff going on at that point of the car. The valence will have to sit over more of the rubber D strip that marks the edge of the front of the car and the start of the aluminium body. That’s 1/8  of an inch thick which brings things out a little.  I think the valence has a raw steel back edge and a folded over then joggled (stepped) top. The D rubber allows things to be a little out of alignment but not really noticeably I think.

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