Rear axle again.

February 26th, 2012

Today I decided to do something mechanical so I pulled off the rear axle. I’ve had it apart before and realised the differential was a bit buggered. I managed to find a replacement for that. Today I was looking closely at the axle housing and the nuts on the end that hold everything in place. Mine have been totally butchered!

IMG_1712_1 Badly damaged.

The nut is very mangled. That’s not a big deal as I can get new ones. The problem is the thread it mates to. That’s pretty stripped. To the point where the nut doesn’t even engage the threads. I am not sure that’s even fixable. I’ll see what wisdom the Austin 7 Friends forum has. I suspect it might be find a better axle!

The half shafts are also a bit battered. There is scoring on the tapers and each end seems to have a different kind of key. I don’t think that’s right either.

IMG_1713_1 IMG_1714_1 Half shafts.

Oh well, if I have to find a new rear end I am sure that’s doable. I also need to go check out my wheels which are apparently done already!

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