More valance fitting.

March 13th, 2012

And more cow horn! Isn’t that what they say, everything is better with more cow horn?

I came home and went out and started tweaking the valance fit. I adjusted the curve (using brute force) and ended up having to trim a lot more off the bottom as the curve got closer and closer to a good fit. Eventually I got it to the point where the the valance fitted well against the back lip of the radiator surround.  But it wasn’t a good fit to the cow horn.

IMG_1770_1 Bad cow horn!

Solution, bend the cow horn to match. It isn’t surprising it wasn’t exactly right since last time I did it I used sticks and rulers to try to get the curve right. With the steel valance there I can see much more easily what the shape should be. I was about 1/4 of an inch out. I traced the existing shape on the floor with chalk then drew a new line where I wanted it to be. Then out with the oxy-acetylene torch to heat and bend the steel. Using heat I could make one small section red hot then control where it bent. A bit of tweaking and the fit is much better.

IMG_1774_1 Much better fit.

The very top corner still looks out but that’s since the top end of the valance hasn’t been trimmed yet so the joggle is making it stick out an extra 3/16ths or so. When that’s trimmed so the joggle isn’t sitting on the surround it will fit into place.

The only remaining issue is that the curve of the valance doesn’t match the curve on the bottom of the surround.  The valance comes up at a steeper angle than that of the surround.

IMG_1775_1 Different angles.

Excuse the poor lighting as it was dark by now. Once I trim the front of the valance neatly the overhang will be much less then I guess I can either use rubber between the valance and the surround to take up the gap or I bend the front edge of the valance down slightly where it meets the surround to match them up. Will ask Joss what’s best there. I suspect we’ll bend the steel to fit.

Tomorrow night I need to do the same again on the nearside then I can drill some holes and bolt the valances in place. Will also pretty up the cow horns a bit.


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