More bloody valances.

March 15th, 2012

Yes, I know. It’s getting boring. But it takes lots of fiddling to get right. Tonight I decided the radiator surround was too flimsily mounted just using sticks and clamps so I welded a piece of tube to the body then attached the surround to that. It made a huge difference. Not the thing doesn’t move (as much) when I am trying to set thing up. A bit more tweaking on the valances then and I marked and drilled the holes to bolt them to the surround.

There is that saying, mark twice, cut once. Good advice.  Just if you do mark twice make sure it’s in the same place and if not don’t drill the wrong bloody set! Guess what I did.

Still, wasn’t too bad. The offside valance was sitting about 1/8 of an inch off at the back. Once I figured out why and re-drilled the holes (about 1/4 of an inch out) it all lined up again. I can easily weld up the extra holes. With the surround bolted on I had to do yet more tweaking to the cow horns but now everything fits.

IMG_1784_1 IMG_1786_1

Still left to do is to trim everything nicely and drill the three holes matching the holes in the cow horns then drill the holes along the rear edge. Then I can bolt everything together tightly.

One good thing is everything is lining up. There is a lot of measuring and remeasuring that goes on to make sure things are in the right place.  The gap between the firewall and the valances has ended up almost even which is a good sign!

IMG_1788_1 IMG_1787_1


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