At the risk of getting monotonous – more valance fitting!

March 18th, 2012

But finally I am done! Yes, it has taken days of fiddling. Day and days but finally things are right. Despite me having somehow messed up again and having to drill new holes and weld up the old ones.

First I drilled the holes for the rear edge of the valance where it bolts to the firewall. I did a line of three bolts here. All the holes are drilled oversized to allow jiggle room to get everything to fit.

IMG_1800_1 Rear bolts.

I am just using temporary bolts for now to hold everything. I will get proper ones later on. These are metric – ugh!

Somehow I messed up the offside valance and the front edge was sitting too low by about 1/4 of an inch. This mean the joggle wouldn’t fit into the joggle in the radiator surround so I needed to adjust things to make that fit.

IMG_1794_1 IMG_1795_1 Valance too low.

Joss popped in on Saturday and we talked about the next stages which is to work out where the rear firewall will go then how to do the hump over the diff and rear axle and where the fuel tank will fit.

I reassembled my dodgy rear axle and bolted it back on the car so that is in place for the next steps.

On Sunday I went out early and visited Bunnings. I bought cable and light fittings as well as some more temporary bolts. I added extra lighting to the garage so when winter comes I can hopefully still see what the hell I am doing.

I also redid the holes for the offside valance to lift it the 1/4 inch needed at the front. This meant reshaping the cow horn yet again. I also used my new temporary bolts (gutter bolts) which are more appropriate (although they are those nasty combination slot/cross head).

Finally, after literally days of fiddling, everything is right. The only thing left to do is trim the front edge and I have a line drawn there ready to do that.

With everything bolted tight the front of the car is now locked solid. It really makes it all rigid. And I don’t have the top bar between the scuttle and the top of the radiator surround in place yet which will fully lock it down. The gaps between the valance sides and the firewall came out even too. Exactly half an inch each side. Just as I calculated when everything was drawn up.

IMG_1797_1 IMG_1802_1 IMG_1804_1

IMG_1801_1 IMG_1803_1

Finally, something other than valances. I work in a nice place in the city, down at the viaduct haarbour. Each morning and evening I walk around past the boats to get the train. It would be a good place to get some pictures of the car when it is done. If I could get it onto the walkway in front of the yachts.

Right in front of work is a ramp with to give access but it’s closed off by removable bollards.

2012-03-16 09.28.50 Viaduct harbour.

I measured the spacing between the bollards – 60 inches.

The car will be somewhat less than 60 inches…

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