Wheel painting.

March 25th, 2012

I’ve been a bit slack after my week of valancing and got distracted by a broken MGB but did more work on the car today.

Since it was fine today I repainted the sparkly wheels. I gave them a rub down with a Scotchbrite pad first although the little test I did with the paint I was using on a wheel showed it would stick fine without reacting to the silver.

I use Wattyl Killrust enamel. It says it’s an epoxy enamel. It’s only a one pack paint though and you thin it (and clean up) with normal Turpentine. I bought 4L tin earlier and spray it myself (thinned 10% with turps) and the handy thing is is also comes in spray cans so you can use those for touch ups or just brush it on form the tin. I did the chassis in it as well as the hubs, radius arms, front axle, etc. It takes ages to dry (like an true enamel) but it is very tough once it does. I also like that it gets a bit dull and less glossy over time.

IMG_1806_1 Shiny wheel.

IMG_1810_1 Fresh black paint.

I did two coats and hung them up to dry on a  rope in front of the garage door. The door is a dark colour and heats up in the morning sun (when there is sun – not much lately) so I am hoping that helps bake on the paint.

IMG_1815_1 Wheels on a string!

I should have a new spoke soon hopefully to replace the broken one. Then I can touch up the paint on it from a rattle can. I also finally painted the front axle that I had repaired.

IMG_1821_1 Front axle.

Once that is dry I can fully assemble my front axle and hubs and so on fully and get them on the chassis and let Joss have his bits back. You can tell they used good quality steel back in the day. With the axle hanging like that if you hit it the thing rings like a bell and keep ringing for ages.

The other thing that happened this week was I received the rubber mouldings from the UK. I ordered them David Cochrane at A7 Components and David was very helpful and the items arrived very quickly. Excellent service and price.  It was cheaper to get the ten and a half feet of rubber I needed from the UK, including shipping, than getting it locally.

I will need other parts soon so will be using them again. Steering arm mainly! Before I order that I need to work out if I need the lowered one or not. I will be lowering the suspension but I don’t have a bowed axle so it won’t be too lowered.

Below is how the rubber will fit. These photos are specially for a fan who likes the hand shots.


IMG_1818_1 Rubber on radiator surround.

IMG_1819_1 Rubber on firewall.

So, this week the plan is to work out the rear firewall behind the seats and the positioning of the fuel tank.

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