Rear firewall.

March 26th, 2012

The wheels and axle are drying nicely. The garage has a nice smell of enamel about it!

Tonight I made up a cardboard bonnet to fill in the front of the car. Just one side for now. She’s definitely big up front!

IMG_1825_1 IMG_1823_1 Cardboard again.

I also started playing around with the rear firewall. This will go between the cockpit and the boot and is there to separate the passenger side from the fuel tank. It will have a hole in it and a recessed, removable panel to allow the fuel tank to be removed if necessary. The tank will be custom made.

I made a cardboard divider and worked out approximately where that will go. It still needs some tweaking. At the base will be a tunnel to allow for the movement of the differential and rear axle. The fuel tank will fit above this tunnel. A quick calculation on a scrap of paperĀ  showed a 6 inch thick tank that fits into the space above the axle will hold something like 4.5 UK gallons of fuel (about 20L). I think a standard Austin 7 Ruby tank was about 5 gallons.

IMG_1826_1 IMG_1827_1 Rear firewall.

Once I work out where the firewall needs to go I will make up a hoop frame like I did for the front firewall.

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