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March 27th, 2012

Tonight I was out in the garage again tweaking and mocking things up with sticks and cardboard. I set the seat back to the same distance from the pedals as in an Ulster and also added a stick set to the same angle as the Ulster seats to indicate the rake of the seat back. That worked well so I cut out some scraps of cardboard to approximate the seat backs.

IMG_1832_1 IMG_1833_1

IMG_1834_1 IMG_1835_1

More mocking up.

I didn’t have enough cardboard left to do a full passenger seat back and of course the backs in the car will be rounded but this gives an idea. The staggering of the seats is really obvious. It is also very necessary since this car is some 4 – 6 inches narrower than an Ulster so you need the stagger to avoid shoulder clash if you are carrying a passenger.

The aluminium skin will also be staggered so the gap behind the drivers seat will be covered by the body. There is a good gap behind the drivers seat though suitable for stuffing maps, coats, tonneau covers and so on.

I also worked out approximately where the tunnel should go over the rear axle. If I allowed a generous 8 inches above the floor (too high I think) there is still room for a 4.5 to 5 UK gallon fuel tank above it. The rear most stick marks the end of the tunnel and the fuel tank.

That leaves quite a bit of space for the boot.

IMG_1837_1 Massive boot!

Well, ‘quite a bit’ being relative given it’s a tiny car. The wooden floor won’t be there in the finished car. It’s just there for now to define the plan. The entire tail will be aluminium skinned steel tube so I will gain a few inches of space below the floor level seen here. Access will be by a hatch on top. The location of the rear firewall is about at the point where the chassis finishes which seems quite tidy to me.

IMG_1836_1 IMG_1838_1

Rear firewall and tank space. And a front view. The seats will probably be individual buckets and I will maybe make the top of the seat back follow the curve of the body. The passenger’s seat can have more rake on it to get the bugger out of the way!

I put the shorter steering wheel back on since I found the later one made the space between the wheel and the seat rather small. Getting into this car will be a bit of a pain. You have to swing you leg over the side, bring the other leg up and stand on the seat and then let your legs slide forward as your bum slides down the seat back to the base.  The passenger will need to get in via the drivers since since the asymmetrical nature of the car will mean it’s hard for them to get in the near side. Still, will be worth it just so I can ask female friends if they feel like getting a leg over some time.

The other small job I did was unbolt the valances (again!) and trimmed the fronts to be neat.

I am pleased about my new lights. It is getting dark about 7:30 – 8pm now so I need them!

IMG_1839_1 Lights.

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