More rear hoops.

April 7th, 2012

Today, after washing the MGB (ready for the Roycroft meeting next weekend), I tackled the rear most hoop. This one defines the back edge of the boot hatch. I made the hatch a generous size, about 15 inches long. This is much bigger than the little hatch you get on an Ulster.

I find the smaller tubes harder to make since once you cut them you can’t tweak the beds as easily since you have no length in the tube to use as leverage. I did find a piece of old printer shaft I was able to slide inside the tube to add length which helped. I will also need to drill a new hole in my pipe bender since the hole there is getting worn smooth and the pipe slips a little in it.

This is how the rear tube came out. I left out the middle piece in the second picture to see how big the hatch opening will be in real life. There is a fair bit of space there, especially when you consider the wooden floor won’t be there so the actual bottom will be some inches lower.

IMG_1899_1 IMG_1902_1 Boot hatch space.

The other small job I did was trim the valances again (I bet you thought you’d heard the last of them).

IMG_1904_1 Valance front notch.

With the notch cut in the front they fit much better against the radiator surround and the bonnet will be able to sit flush against the valance.

IMG_1907_1 Bonnet sitting flush.

Joss is over tomorrow to see progress and give me the next set of things to think about. The other small job is to tack in the cross piece showing the bottom of the instrument panel.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Great info. I am just about to take my standard front suspension and lower it. Mine is a ground up build so everything is in pieces already.
    getting the axel bowed appears to be easy ie. go to someone who can do it.
    I have the same radius arms as you and am not sure what to do.

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