Slow week.

April 22nd, 2012

Nothing has been done in the last week due to my poor MG over heating over the two days visiting the Roycroft Trophy meeting at Hampton Downs so I have been busy fixing that.

The Roycroft was great however. I went down both days as there were loads of Austin 7s there as well as many other interesting cars. Here are some random pictures from there (mainly bad one – still getting used to my new camera).

IMG_0156_1 IMG_0157_1

IMG_0158_1 IMG_0155_1

Various A7 cockpits.

IMG_0139_1 IMG_0115_1

IMG_0116_1 IMG_0061_2

IMG_0063_1 IMG_0064_1

More Austins. It was the 90th anniversary of Austin 7s so at lunchtime there was an Austin parade.

One of the special cars there was one of the Austin factory racers from the early 30s known as the rubber ducks. They were built for the Brooklands 500 race. This one was visiting specially from Australia.

IMG_0068_1 IMG_0071_1

IMG_0072_1 IMG_0074_1

IMG_0075_1 IMG_0066_1

IMG_0099_1 IMG_0101_1

This is a very highly modified Austin 7. The engine and transmission are angled so the differential is right near the left hand rear wheel. There is a massive blower on it seen above in the top right of the engine bay.

As well as the Austins there were some other very interesting cars there.

IMG_0172_1 IMG_0083_1

IMG_0102_1 IMG_0080_1

These are an Alfa Romeo, a Lancia, a 1906 14 litre Darracq Grand Prix Car (from the first Grand Prix) and a V12 Lagonda.

IMG_0177_1 IMG_0097_1

IMG_0103_1 IMG_0106_1

Various engines. The Alfa, a supercharger A7 special, the Darracq and the Lagonda.

I also checked out what tyres people were running there. The choice for 16 inch A7 wheels as I have seem to be Shinko E240s MT-90 ($NZ155 each). Yep, those are actually motorcycle tyres.


Some more random pictures.

IMG_0175_1 IMG_0093_1

IMG_0108_1 IMG_0113_1

IMG_0079_1 IMG_0073_1

I really like the seats in the Lagonda.

On Sunday the MG club was there for the 50th anniversary of MGBs. At lunchtime they had their own parade that I went in as well. I wasn’t planning too but then I saw everyone else lining up for it and I didn’t want to be the only MG left in the car park!

IMG_0143_1 IMG_0153_1

All in all a very good and interesting weekend seeing the cars and chatting to people. Unfortunately the MG was overheating severely. I spent all week looking into it so no progress was made on the A7. But I did get to the bottom of the MGs problems in the end.

IMG_0181_1 IMG_0183_1 Blocked water pump.

Yep, that’s a casting defect in the water pump. The pump was new when I built the engine. But it’s always been faulty! There were a few small holes in the blockage so some water was getting past. I always did wonder why she seemed to run hot and the electric cooling fan was always on. I simply punched out the blockage and reassembled everything. What a difference! The car now runs cool, the cooling fan almost never turns on and amazingly now the heater works MUCH better!

This afternoon Joss popped over to check on progress and show me how to start looking at the bottom line of the car.  He spotted a small problem with one of my rear hoops, which I have fixed now, and showed me how I can check the sides with a suitable piece of thin board or card. I need to get something to do that with.

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