More purchases.

April 25th, 2012

Well, not much happening just now. I have however made a few purchases of parts that might be useful in the future. I am trying not to collect too many spare parts but if I see a bargain or something I can use later I will grab it.  It is also worth grabbing things that you know you won’t use but that might be handy as swaps with other for other parts later on too.

I bought this nice little Smiths speedo for $35. I am not sure what the standard turns per mile is though for an A7 like mine.

IMG_0193_1 Smiths speedo.

I also got a little AMR 300 supercharger for a very reasonable $151. Supercharging is something I might look at in the future. Will probably need to get the car running on a standard engine to begin with but this was too good to pass up.

IMG_0192_1 AMR 300 blower.

And since I won the blower I also bid on these three old 1.5 inch SU carbs. They are earlier H4 models. If I use the blower I will probably have it sucking through one of these after it is rebuilt. I might rebuild one (between the three I have enough parts to make one good one) for fun anyway since carb rebuilding is a nice little project. All the brass and aluminium can be polished up nicely.

IMG_0187_1 Three H4 SU carbs.

I am also looking now at the bottom line of the car. Joss came over to point em in the right direction so that’s my job for this weekend. We taped come cardboard to the car and rolled it outside to start getting a feel for where the bottom line should go.

IMG_0186_1 Car outside again.

I do worry about having the car outside since I live just down from a busy intersection. When it is outside I notice goobers driving past who then openly gawp at the car instead of focussing on the road ahead! The other thing I must do this weekend is check the alignment of my vertical stations to make sure they line up nicely. To do this I need a nice thin piece of wood or card I can wrap over the steel to make sure it is sitting correctly.

I also need to get a replacement spoke for a broken one on one of  my wheels before I can get new tyres. I tried the VAR spares locally. They couldn’t tell me how much they would cost, how many I needed for a minimum order or when they could be done. After a month I hadn’t heard anything so I contacted them and said not to worry, please cancel the order. Apparently they couldn’t do that either since the only contact they have with who was making them was snail mail! I did get an email back today though saying apparently my spokes are 7g (whatever that means?) and he can’t make them anyway.

Will probably get one from the UK or find someone with a duff rim I can steal one off.

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  1. Zac Says:

    7G will be a fairly thick Wire Guage. ~3.6 in AWG or ~4.4 in SWG

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