More cardboard and springs.

May 15th, 2012

Evenings, when I come home from work, I like to do a little on the car if I can. So this week I was out putting cardboard on the near side of the car. I couldn’t roll her outside since it was often pouring down but I got some pictures inside.

IMG_2064_1 IMG_2065_1 IMG_2072_1

IMG_2069_1 She’s very narrow!

I also started playing with the line around the cockpit. Joss had drawn a sweeping curve behind the passenger side but I can’t seem to make that work. I’ve played with different lines quickly tonight. It’s a bit rough but just to get some idea of different looks.

IMG_2077_1 IMG_2079_1

IMG_2081_1 IMG_2083_1

I probably need to actually cut out the cardboard to really see what’s going on. The lower green line is the top of the boot hatch.

Tonight I also went to collect my springs that were reset by Bob the spring man. He did an excellent, fast and reasonably priced job. He said he liked doing them as they were a challenge. I do need to replace the pin that holds the rear springs together though. As well as the main bolt that goes through the spring and bolts it to the chassis rails there is a pin that passes through all the leaves. The top and bottom leaves are countersunk and this pin peened in place. To get the leaves apart for resetting you must remove the pin by drilling then punching it out. I believe the purpose of it is to just hold the leaves in alignment whilst you insert them into the chassis. He didn’t have anything to replace the pins with but I happened to get some 8mm diameter steel rod (the pin will be 5/16ths of an inch being British) which I can turn down to use to replace them. I will also clean them and lightly paint then grease them.

IMG_2085_1 Reset springs.

I had 2 inches taken out of each. To reset them they are taken apart (carefully so as not to break the clips) and then the main leaf reset. To do this it is heated in a forge to a specific temperature then re-bent. The other leaves are then heated and bent to match. On the front spring the reshaping must be done carefully so that the two sides of the spring are equal. Bob says the springs shouldn’t settle more than a few mm over time if they’ve been heated to the right temperature for resetting. These were reset with an allowance for having weight on them and a little settling.

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