Pictures outdoors.

May 17th, 2012

Tonight, since it wasn’t raining for once, I rolled the car out to get a decent look at the cockpit lines. I like how it looks. The lines need a little tweaking but I like the overall shape and it looks balanced from all angles I think.

IMG_2100_1 IMG_2102_1

IMG_2103_1 IMG_2101_1

IMG_2107_1 IMG_2108_1

The line looks a bit rough since there are a few bits of cardboard all taped together!

IMG_2105_1 IMG_2106_1

From the front you can’t see the stagger at all really. You can’t really see the tail at all.

People always look bemused when I roll the car outside. Now they’ve started stopping and taking pictures on their phones!

I also test assembled the front spring and axle. There isn’t much clearance between the ends but there is enough. The rear springs needs their pins replaces with some mild steel. That is 8mm steel in the picture which is just a little loose in the hole. Might see if I can find something a bit tighter fit.

IMG_2109_1 IMG_2111_1

Also today, as a treat, I ordered a Boyce Motometer and some nice bonnet strap catches that might work well from the states.

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