Making the frame.

June 4th, 2012

With the body how I wanted it I got Joss in for a look. With it all looking fine I can now move on to building the frame properly. First I had to remove all the cardboard and tape again. I was left with a very raggedy looking frame. Lots of temporary supports welded all over the place.

We also discussed some of the details and how that can add in some strengthening to the frame.

IMG_2384_1 IMG_2386_1 Frame.

The first thing I did was find any places where I had tack welded two bits of tube together end to end and fully welded them. These welds are very strong since they penetrate right through the tube. I just hand file them smooth later then buzz over them with the random orbit sander to make them nice. Will be a lot of filing in my future I think.

Next I started replacing some of the temporary but in the correct position tubes with nice ones. I am filing nice curves into the ends of the tubes where they meet so there is almost no gap between the tubes where they meet. I then put a single small tack weld to hold them in place then later I shall braze weld them all. Brazed joins will be very strong and look much nice than trying to MIG weld them all.

IMG_2391_1 IMG_2392_1 After some tidying.

I moved the verticals on the sides back a few inches so they are closer to the middle of the cockpit cut outs and behind the cross member where the brake cable pulleys mount. Doing it this way allowed me to weld in the new pieces before removing the old ones so nothing moved.

Still more to do but I have run out of tube. I am also nearly out of oxygen so next week I’ll go get more of both. I have plenty of bronze welding rod and flux. I am looking forward to the brazing. I find it a fun thing to do when it all goes well. I also need to get some sheet steel for the rear firewall, boot floor, side members and transmission tunnel.

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