Making the frame nice.

June 10th, 2012

This weekend I got up early on Saturday and went to get yet more steel. Luckily I dodged the showers in the MG with the top down. Then I pretty much spent the two days of the weekend making the frame nice. I replaced all the temporary steel with nice pieces and removed all the temporary bracing. I pretty much have the body done now except for the reinforcing bars along the sides. Without them the only place the frame is attached at the moment is the firewall so the tail droops. I have some temporary supports between the rear axle and frame to hold the back up. It took a lot longer than I thought because I need to hand file all the tube ends so they fit together nicely and so the joints will be strong when it is all brazed. For now tacks are holding it all together.

I was also very careful to measure everything to make sure all my distances were correct. I found there was a 1/2 inch difference between the bottom rails on each side so I fixed that. I think everything is now within about 1/4 inch. Everything looks right though. I think that’s OK for a hand made car with the steel all bent through a hole in a block of wood!

Update: Something  bothered me about the pictures below so I went and measured tonight and found one of the 1/4 inch discrepancies. The near side rear most bar for the boot open was out by exactly 1/4 inch. Tonight moved it forwards that much (and so had to add in about 3/16ths to the cross length) so now everything is even again.

IMG_2408_1 IMG_2409_1


With all the bracing removed you can see how little framing there actually is. Compare to the frame that was on the car when I got it.

IMG_0214_1_1 IMG_0240_1_1 Original frame.


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